everyday's life

Friday, September 01, 2006

thanx for comin~^w^

thanx for coming neboke and yojigen pocket~.
u guys really cul~.
so, today i don't really have anything to write ... i am sorry.

yojigen pocket

i think u r sad and i know that u had some bad days but it will be ok ! dnt worry~.
good luck and i ll call her if i can tomorow ok?


thank u for coming~. ur english is good ~~.
(better than me~...//)
good luck with everything and i may hope u 'd come here oftenly~.
thank u and cya~

Saturday, August 26, 2006

hello~ *^v^*

This is my first time to write here~.

So i will write a litte about me~^^

My name is keito in this blog !
I am 13 years old ~.
Now i m living in turkey~ because my parents have some work to do in here~.
I am from Japan and half Korea~~!!!

but I am gonna write this blog in English to inprove my English and because I feel like writing in English. hehe*^^*

so, this is the first time and i don't have friends in here ... i hope somebody will be my friend~~.